Move Your Watermelon

Coffin Rock: Day 2

After carefully planning the overthrow of one Marhsal Bryce and his malicious deputies, the group (and the Shelly Pearl gang) gets the drop on the lawmen after a . . . naughty display. Tensions ran high, whirlwinds were raised. Most of the malingerers were blasted down a 100 foot crevasse, while the pantsless Marshall was lain low by a series of gunshots.

Beth Testeverde is still very unhappy. Carl isn’t much better.

A journey to the abandoned newspaper building has our mad scientist falling through the floor and into a huge nest of rats…which scatter across the city. Some decide to nibble on the Ladies, only to be shooed off. One of the stragglers, a very nice lil fella, gets a place of honor as official rat companion. He is named Chrisopher.

Ex Mayor Daly does the city a disservice by showing up later that night. Of course, everyone else though it was a graverobber that had defiled Daly’s tomb…but, nope! Daly! When the town (including his daughter) take a gander at him, let’s just say some shit hits the fan.

Fear level is now 4.


Creeps Creeps

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