Tiny... but fierce!


Race: Human



  • Agility – d8
  • Smarts – d6
  • Spirit – d6
  • Strength – d6
  • Vigor – d4


  • Persuasion (spi) – d4
  • Riding (agi) – d4
  • Notice (sma) – d4
  • Shooting (agi) – d10
  • Guts (spi) – d8
  • Tribal Medicine (spi) – d10

Derived Stats:

  • Pace – 6
  • Parry – 2
  • Charisma – -2
  • Toughness – 4


  • 15 points, regen. at 1 point per 30 min, double if away from civilization


  • Arcane Background: Shamanism
  • Veteran of the Weird West – Drawback = “Ugly”
  • Marksman = +2 to Hit


  • Old Ways Oath

I grew up near the Minnesota River, in a tribe of people known as the Yanktonai, or the “Middle Sioux”. I was 7 years old when the Spirits returned… the sudden resurgence of their presence in our tribe resulted in a shift of priorities. Shamans, highly respected elders trained from infancy in the art of communication with the Spirits, used to be very rare. The child in question had to show very specific signs to even be considered a potential. Tribes were lucky if they ever saw one, much less had one residing with them. The presence of a shaman meant healing, strength in battle, a way to plead with the Great Ones for aid. When it became clear that the Spirits returned in full strength, tribes began training more children, whether there were signs or not. The logic was simple… the more shamans communicating with the Spirits, the more power that tribe possessed, and the better chance they had of surviving against the white men and the multitude of manitous. Due to my own strength of will, apparent even as a child, I was intended to hunt and fight with the men. The Elders of my tribe believed that strength would be better applied in the field of shamanism, and I was taken away with several other children. The Spirits would judge us, and those unable to communicate would be seen to have an unfit soul. They would be killed.

15 years later, I have taken my place in the new generation of shamans. Our abilities dwarf those of our elders, yet we have spent very little time learning minor things like restraint. While our tribes believed we would be perfect replicas of the classic medicine man, at an average age of 25, we still have too much fire in our souls. Perhaps the Spirits chose to communicate with us because they know we can change much.


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