Lucas "Pick" Picard

One part mad scientist, two parts adventure: Shake well and serve on the rocks.


“Howdy stranger! Never seen you round these parts before.” Said the barkeep at the only building in the town with people in it.

“I try not to go to hell often.” Picard muttered with a sigh. Another town and another barkeep, same old boring routine for Picard. Stop in the town and ask if anything interesting was happening… of course nothing was. No murder, killing, explosions…perfectly fine. Perfectly fine and boring.

The Barkeep looked down for a second and gave a hesitant half-laugh, “Well can I get you anything to drink stranger?”

Picard wiped some sweat off his face with his black leather glove, the same black leather gloves that had the magnet inside the tigger finger, the same magnet that you would need to activate any of his little gadgets he made. Picard’s little secret. Taking a quick look behind the barkeep at his selection, Picard stared at the barkeep dissapointed.

“I’ll take a double of your most expensive…” Taking another glace behind the barkeep ” Piss.”

The barkeep frowned but went about opening up a bottle and pouring him a drink. Picard’s eyes wandered around the saloon, it was dirty and empty. The whole town seemed to be that way, things were here and in working order, just abandoned and void of people. Hearing a glass hit the bar Picard turned around and reached into his breast pocket for his wallet.

“How much?” Picard asked as he fished out his wallet, large bills untidy and sticking out in a random dissaray. The barkeep half-laughed again, “You haven’t even taken a drink, don’t worry stranger I will start a tab for you, you look like the honest type.” The barkeep looked down at Picard’s rather large wallet and wet his lips with his tongue.

Picard stopped and nodded, “We’ll you’re right, I am the honest type… This place is a shithole.”

Still frozen Picard took a look at his fizzy drink then back at his wallet. Picard shoved his wallet back into his breast pocket and stood up. ” Oops, I think I left my wallet in my other chaps.” Picard commented off handedly as he headed from the door. “Feel free to drink that, looks like you need it.”

The barkeeps angry ranting faded as Picard cleared the Saloon’s porch and started untying his horse. A small grin crept over his face. He had a problem with that saloon… it wasn’t that the drinks were watered down and that the whole place wreaked of desperation… mostly, he had a problem with the two pills trying to quickly dissolve at the bottom of his glass.

Maybe this town did have a spark of fun inside of it somewhere.

Name: Luke Picard Sex: Male height: 6’ 2” D/O/B: Classified Place of birth: Picard, Missouri

Background: Born and raised in his families mining town, Picard has never had money as a limiting factor. Spoiled from birth, Picard always found himself atempting his best to get into trouble, both as a cry for attention and fun. During his adolesence he discovered he had a knack for science and soon began fiddling with ghost rock on a daily basis, trying to create new and destructive technology. His family dissaproved as he never would create anything that would help the family business. He viewed mining as “Childs Play” and didnt dare stoop to mere ground breaking. After a certain incident with a visiting sentator, Picard was banned from the family’s land. Picard now travels with the intention to have as much fun and adventure as possible… most likely ghost rock will be involved.

Lucas "Pick" Picard

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