Move Your Watermelon

Day Two

She's a bank robbing lesbian, you know.

Our intrepid hooligans waltz into a nowhere town that had been shut down by fear. Some folks had been dragged outta their homes and hanged on this big spooky oak outside of town. After being paid in whiskey by the helpful barkeep, the squad ventures forth to the Big Spooky Tree.

Someone notices the earth around BST’s roots to be freshly turned. Played-by-Loren says something about the tree moving. This is quickly passed over. Mother Flannigan befriends a helpful fieldmouse. A gunshot is heard back in town.

While going back to investigate, Matt the Huckster is the only one to notice the four spooky guys dragging a carpet bag. He wisely charges off after them, only to discover that they’re weird longneck zombies . . . who promptly kick the shit outta him.

Zombies are promptly put down. Barkeep is in the carpet. He is awakened (aroused?) by the Lesbian Bank Robber. Fieldmouse freaks and squeaks. Squad is attacked by sneaky, angry tree. Barkeep is hung like a sausage.

Mad Scientist burns tree. Tree swats Mad Scientist into next week. Party proceeds to hurl whiskey at tree, setting it alight. It poofs away, Jesus powers heal some folks.

They sneak back to town, rob the empty saloon, and get the hell outta Dodge.


Psst… might wanna spell Loren’s name right afore she reads this I reckon.

Day Two

Why, I do not know what you’re talking about.

Day Two
Creeps Creeps

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