Emily Rose



p. I’m a VETERAN, bitch!

Agility – d10
Smarts – d8
Spirit – d6
Strength – d4
Vigor – d8

Fighting – d4
Riding – d6
Shootin’ – d12
Stealth – d8
Notice – d6
Repair – d8
Streetwise – d4
Knowledge – d8
Guts – d6
Persuasion – d6

Hindrances – Cautions, Mean, and Delusional (that one’s my major)

Edges – Ambidextrous, Two-Fisted (nnoooooo penalties for dual wielding!)

Pace – 6
Parry – 4
Toughness – 4
Charisma – ....(-2). What? I’m a bitch!

2 colt peacemakers
API 12/24/48
wt 2
sh 6

Horse – Anthony Kiedis. Hates my darlin’ Molly’s horse. El Cheapo.
100 ammo
Quick Draw Holster
$77 and various bottles of whiskey.
Long sleeve shirt.


A long, long time ago… in a cheesy western far away…

They call me Emily Rose. That ain’t no lie, there. Like the exorcism, y’know? I reckon y’all wanna know the story behind that. Well, me and my lady friend Molly liked to pull some lies. Some crimes. Some high end robb’ries. It’s our thing. Don’t you be worryin’ about things that ain’t no concern to you. We’ll be alright, alright?

Anyway, so Molls is a lady priest thing and she likes to use me as an act, so we can get into the towns all normal-like. Well, I guess as normal-like as normal can be when you’re POSSESSED! She’s comin in to get supplies to perform a dang exorcism on me. Cuz I’m all creepy like. And ever’one’s so afraid of us that they don’t question our motives none. That could be because I’m a good actress an’ such. But… sometimes I don’t even gotta act… see, sometimes, and don’t quote me on this, but sometimes, it really does happen. Molls calls me crazy and I just tell ‘er I ain’t no looney. When you get possessed, you know it, right? Well I know it. But it usually passes pretty quick in enough time for us to get our prize and get out.

Molls and I been pretty happy so far in our life of lies and crime. But I reckon sometimes you just gotta do more. So we decided to go on some adventures with this new fuckwad of a group we found somewheres. I don’t remember where, I think I was a little tipsy. I like my whiskey, ain’t no problem there. We’re currently travelin’ together and last night there was this … tree… and flames… and I wasted my goods but the Injun promises me more.

Yeah, I reckon life would be pretty damn near perfect if it weren’t for Molly’s crazy ex girlfriend chasin’ us around and the fact that Tony hates Princess. But we’re takin’ it one day at a time. And … OH GODI FEEL THE WRONG INSIDEMOLLYYMOLLLY HE’S TAKIN ME OVER AGAIN…!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emily Rose

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