Molly Flannigan

Mother Flannigan has many guns. Many guns has Mother Flannigan.


Race: Human


  • Agility – d8
  • Smarts – d8
  • Spirit – d10
  • Strength – d4
  • Vigor – d4
  • Persuasion (spi) – d8
  • Healing (sma) – d6
  • Shooting (agi) – d8
  • Guts (spi) – d6
  • Riding (agi) – d6
  • Lockpicking (sma) – d6
  • Faith (spi) – d12
Derived Stats:
  • Pace – 6
  • Parry – 4
  • Charisma – 0
  • Toughness – 4
  • Arcane Background: Miracles
  • Veteran of the Weird West – Drawback = “Hunted”
  • Cautious (min)-
  • Enemy (maj) – vampire ex girlfriend
  • Loyal (min)

Howdy, Lord be with ya, Erin go bragh, it’s all the same to me these days. But whatever yer poison, you can call me Molly, or Mother Flannigan if yer feelin’ naughty. Careful, though, Emily’s mighty jealous.

Me? Well, I came to these shores from Ireland as a lass, in a family hopin’ for opportunity. What we found was this here country, rent in two, an’ more trouble than the English had ever thrown our way back home.

When I set out on my own, I promised never to look back on the piss-poor home I’d come from. Father had a drinkin’ and gamblin’ problem, an’ Mom had a problem keepin’ her legs shut.

When I turned 16, I got me a horse, Princess, who’s a mighty ugly bitch with a temper. When I was 18, I got me a Spanish girl to call my own, an’ we set out to make money, to hell with the rest of the world.

Our scams worked plenty. I got me a cheap priest costume, hopin’ the Lord who never seemed to give a damn about me wouldn’t start now. We’d roll inta town, Lupita’d work up some kinda trouble an’ rumors about spirits and demons, and I’d roll in with a crucifix an’ a few cheap prayers an’ set the town straight. Damned Protestants are almost too easy a mark.

One night, though… my Little Wolf turned wrong. We’d set out for a town in Missouri, a small mining town that’d just hit a payload we thought we could guilt them out of. Lupita, she was late. We were s’posed to meet outside the bar, after she caused a ruckus… but the sun set an’ she finally showed up hours late. She was pale… looked angry. She started spewin’ nonsense about bein’ so hungry and thirsty…

Next thing I knew, she was in the saloon, throwin’ shit around an’ tackling the townsfolk. I heard screams that night that made my blood run cold… just like Lupita’s.

... I stopped her. I ran in, thinkin’ this was a new angle she’d come up with, pretendin’ to be possessed or something. She was fighting back mighty hard, but she’d always been dedicated. I got her to the ground, and started sayin’ any blessings that came to my mind, holding her still and pressing a cross to her chest.

Everythin’ stopped, then. The room went silent, an’ a fire burned through my soul so bright I thought I’d been shot. I smelled burnin’ flesh, and the howl comin’ out of my baby’s mouth was the cry of the damned. When the world came back to me, there was smoke curlin’ out of her chest, and the mark of the cross was charred into her chest.

I saw her eyes. Pain, rage, hunger. Animal. I knew my lil wolf was gone, and I should be too.

An’ so I ran. I got Princess, an’ I ran the fuck away from her, from that bar… from everything I had ever thought was real.

It’s been a few years, an’ I’ve seen more of the truth since then. I wear my collar with some kind of pride now, knowin’ that I must be doin’ something right.

I also found me a new girl, sweet as Summer rain on the prairie, and twisted as the barbed wire on the fences. Emily’s the best partner I coulda hoped for, an’ she’s played the new scams we run on towns perfectly. I do worry that pretendin’ to be possessed agitates somethin’ dark inside her… but we all got a darkness we gotta fight. I’m just hoping I can offer some Light fer us all.

Lupita’s been on my trail, but I think I’m ready for her now. Emily an’ I got a new band we travel with these days, bringing the fight to that darkness. I know Lupita will be there one night, but she won’t know what hit her.

Molly Flannigan

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